Caring for Your Newborn

Caring for Your Newborn

Here are my three top pieces of advice for caring for your new-born: 

1. Introduce a relaxed routine

I truly believe that babies love and thrive on a flexible and realistic routine from birth, and I always advise that one is established from the early weeks. 

It helps both of you.  A routine means that your baby gets proper sleeps, full feeds, lots of cuddle time, and you can plan your day and are able to get out and see people.

Routines are not there to be rigid, tie you to the house, or limit the amount of cuddles you have with your baby!

A routine is there so that if you have a bad day – and this happens to everyone at times – or a day where you just have to go with the flow, you get back into the best rhythm for your baby the following morning. Without a routine in place, it is very easy for a baby to get into bad habits and for parents to feel overwhelmed with a never-ending sleep and feed routine.

My suggested routines for every age are on the Louenna app.

2. Swaddle your little one

My big tip for creating a contented baby is to swaddle him/her while he/she sleeps as a new-born. I swaddle all my new-born babies as it makes them feel snug and secure and allows them to sleep peacefully for longer stretches.

This video is of a baby born in her amniotic sac and shows how babies are in the womb.


Can you imagine being curled up and cocooned like that for nine months and then suddenly pushed out into the world?  Babies love the security of the swaddle and will settle much quicker, as it mimics the feeling of being held.

3. Bathing your new-born

Some people prefer to wait a week or so after birth to bath their baby for the first time to keep all the natural oils on the baby's skin. I completely respect this - it's a personal preference and neither view is wrong or right.

However, as long as you keep your baby nice and warm during and after bath time, it is fine to bath a baby from birth. The only time I don't bath a new-born is if baby is premature or they are losing weight. They use up energy in the bath so if you are establishing feeding and every little ounce is precious then I would wait to bath them.

You might find it easier to bath your new-born at waist height rather than having to bed down to bath level.  You can do this in the sink, as shown below, or in a baby bath:


Louenna, or nanny Louenna as she is known to many, is a highly qualified nanny and maternity nurse. Growing up in Norfolk as the eldest of four siblings, with a natural love for babies and children from a young age, she always knew she wanted to be a nanny. Since graduating from the prestigious Norland College over eighteen years ago, she has worked all over the world for several high profile and royal families.  Each time striving to enrich the lives of the many babies and children she has cared for.

Louenna considers it a huge privilege to have worked with such wonderful families and really believes she has the best job in the world. The award winning Louenna app was created in 2020, to guide parents through the incredible journey of parenthood.  From what to buy for your newborn, to feeding, bathing, sleep routines, potty training, language development and so much more. 

Whatever your question or concern, there is simple and practical advice available at your fingertips 24/7 with the Louenna app - helping families create a happy, healthy and thriving child.

Louenna has since launched Louenna’s Nannies - a nanny agency with a difference, mentoring the nannies that she places with families.


Please always check with your healthcare professional before making any changes to your lifestyle so as to ensure the safety of you and your baby.

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