About Us

Mamatotos - Bina Shewakramani

Moving to the UK meant being away from my family. When I got pregnant, I was lucky to be able to go back and be around my family in those crucial months where everything was new and my body was going through many changes.

Now I look forward to being there for my daughter-in-law when her journey starts. However, this got me thinking...what about all the young women who don’t have the opportunity of being around their families and support systems? We live in a world of nuclear families, with parents and children living in different cities, different countries even, and increased work pressure.

This gave birth to Mamatoto, a holistic brand that can be a friend and a support system throughout the pregnancy journey. A space where you can seek advice, guidance, and also shop for quality maternity products and clothing. Your digital pillar that’s just one click away.

- Bina Shewakramani, Founder

Our Clothing

At Mamatoto, we understand that your journey through pregnancy is a time when comfortable clothes are paramount.

Our range of clothing combines style with fits that are suitable for all stages of pregnancy while still looking good as your body returns to shape. We are conscious of the fabrics we select and always strive to use natural yarns and comfortable fabrics where possible, keeping the Mamatoto mum-to-be cool and stylish.
We hope you will enjoy our products and promise to always develop our ranges with your comfort in mind.