Pregnancy Anxiety

Pregnancy Anxiety

Everyone always talks about how beautiful the pregnancy journey is.. how exciting and lovely it is…and don’t get me wrong - it definitely can be all of those things.  However, for some of us pregnancy can also be a time of anxiety.  With so many changes happening to our bodies and our moods it’s completely natural to have moments of worry and stress.

So how do we keep our anxiety under control during Pregnancy?

Here are 3 breath exercises you can practice to keep those worries and stress at bay. 

Rima is a qualified Yoga teacher specialising in Prenatal Yoga. As a mother of two, she has experienced the power of Yoga in creating a strong mind and body during the pregnancy journey. 

Rima is passionate about empowering women to connect with their inner Shakti, spirit, preparing them for birth and the transition into motherhood.

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Please always check with your healthcare professional before making any changes to your lifestyle so as to ensure the safety of you and your baby.

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