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Magical Mist (50ml)

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A handy mist for everyday use that protects the skin, balances its pH and keeps it rejuvenated with a supple youthful glow and smooth texture. Its refreshing anti-ageing and antioxidant ingredients work simultaneously on the surface and inner layers of the skin to regenerate the skin and improve complexion. 

This face mist acts as a highly effective barrier against environmental pollutants, acne and UV rays. The natural silica content helps deep beneath the skin, boosting collagen to counter ageing and reduce wrinkles and fine lines, preventing pigmentation and brightening the skin. Magical Mist will help tighten open pores and instantly brighten dull and lifeless skin. The hyaluronic acid in this mist, proven to absorb up to 1,000 times its weight in water, makes it highly effective in reducing wrinkles, improving skin tone and deeply hydrating the skin to look younger and radiant. It is anti-irritant as well as anti-inflammatory and helps against atopic dermatitis. A must-have mist for a youthful even-tone and luminous complexion.

Blemish Control • Hypoallergenic  – Natural & Organic 

Sustainably sourced • Natural Fragrance • Vegan 

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